You ever wonder why Newcrest is empty? It hasn’t been the same since the meltdown…

Here’s an apocalypse challenge, as written by someone with no experience in writing SimLit!

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~Chapter 1.10~

Another knock on the door. Olivia was usually wont to ignore these, but there was a storm outside, and even for her, it was worrying that someone was outside in those conditions. “Um, could I-““Fine,” Olivia didn’t wait for him to finish as she cracked the door open. “But you’re out of here as soonContinue reading “~Chapter 1.10~”

~Chapter 1.9~

Olivia. I understand that you’ve been working extremely hard to get higher up with your company so that you can change your home for the better. And I understand your mind has gone numb from the amount of chess and mirror-conversing you’ve been doing. But… come on now. After eating the day’s fish, she promptlyContinue reading “~Chapter 1.9~”

~Chapter 1.8~

For the next few days, it was more of the same. Skill grinding, fishing, finding both comfort and pain in the fire, going to work, fighting off radiation sickness… And nailing a few promotions, of course. She’d learned by now how to evade the spiders: just stand still, and they’ll usually lose interest. But theContinue reading “~Chapter 1.8~”

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A really bad Sims 4 Apocalypse Challenge

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